How Easter Island is incorporated into Chile

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How Easter Island is incorporated into Chile

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a magical place located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 3,500 kilometers from the Chilean coast. But have you ever wondered how this remote island became part of Chile? In this blog, I will tell you the interesting story of how Easter Island became part of Chile.

Discovery and colonization

Easter Island was discovered by the Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen in 1722, who was impressed by the enormous stone statues that the island housed. However, after this discovery, the island fell into oblivion and decades passed before it was colonized.

In 1888, a French explorer named Eugène Eyraud settled on the island along with a group of Chilean workers. Later, in 1888, the island was officially annexed by Chile, becoming part of its territory.

Administration and current status

After its annexation, Easter Island was administered directly by the central government of Chile. However, in 2007, a special law was enacted granting more autonomy to the island and establishing the creation of a local government. Since then, the island has had its own governor and municipal council, which has allowed greater control of its internal affairs.

In addition, Easter Island enjoys a special status within Chile. Due to its geographical distance and its unique cultural wealth, it is considered a special province, with a special administration and development regime. This has allowed the protection and conservation of its cultural and natural heritage.

Relationship with Chile

The relationship between Easter Island and Chile has gone through different stages. Initially, the incorporation of the island into Chile was criticized by some, who argued that it was an illegal occupation and that the islanders did not feel represented by the central government.

However, over time, the relationship has improved and the bond between the island and Chile has been strengthened. Sustainable development policies have been implemented, education programs have been created and responsible tourism has been promoted. Additionally, numerous projects have been carried out to preserve and restore the island’s archaeological and cultural sites, such as the famous statues known as moai.

A treasure in the middle of the Pacific

Easter Island is an unmatched treasure in the middle of the Pacific. Its incorporation into Chile has allowed its protection and conservation, while providing the islanders with a legal framework and a platform to promote their culture and traditions.

Today, Easter Island is recognized throughout the world as a unique and mysterious tourist destination. Its fascinating history, stunning landscapes and rich culture make this island a truly special place. So, if you ever have the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit this Chilean enclave in the middle of the ocean and discover everything that Easter Island has to offer.